cleansing 101

When you give the digestive system a much needed rest and reduce toxins absorbed in your body you now have a fabulous opportunity to heal and reset. A cleanse will help you increase your energy levels, balance hormones,and give your adrenals a much deserved break. Juice cleansing will also Assist with those tasty terrible cravings and make you feel joyous all over.  Releasing the built up of toxins will leave your skin as radiant as you are.



8reasons to cleanse;

Clearing the body of congestion will alkalize the body, mind and soul.
The benefits of juice cleansing- using raw, organic fruit & vegetable, are as follows

·         Purifies the body

·         Rids toxins from the digestive system

·         Cleanses the skin

·         Reduces aging

·         Improves fertility

·         Aids weight loss

·         Prevents disease process

·         Helps with depression and stress which is a gut issue; derived from poor diet


Virgin Cleanse:

This cleanse has been crafted to assure completion.
There are many different delicious flavours ; creating an exciting new experience.

Perfect for a first timer, your taste buds will be more than satisfied on this cleanse, and your body will be shockingly supportive too!.

Aphrodite Cleanse:

This is the beauty cleanse, although we all know beauty is skin deep. These blends provide the necessary formulas for your Aphrodite to shine through. Included in this package is a fabulous raw detoxifying facial mask made with fresh ingredients to assist in the purification process. By eliminating imperfections leaving you with an everlasting glow inside out.


Inca Warrior Cleanse:

This cleanse has been crafted to increase energy levels, boost the immune system and bring out the warrior in you. Packed with super foods and elixirs this cleanse promises stamina, perseverance and strength .


Chakra Alignment:

This cleanse is crafted specifically for your Dosha . Creating a "harmonious" juice line up will leave your tastebuds satisfied . Based on your constitution perhaps adding a little flare to your step or even putting out that flame.Each day is based on a different chakra starting with the root "the basics" then working your way up to the crown connecting you to the cosmic energies .
Written Motivation / Affirmations included.


Gerson Cleanse:

The Gerson cleanse is crafted to alkalize , repair free radical damage and heal the human body . Some of these blends are hard to swallow but is made with the best intention . Did I mention the entire cleanse contains 10% fruit? Herbal teas including ( chaga, reishi, soursop , black seed oil , Blue Majik )



 Our ingredients differ depending to season and our creativity

For information on juice FLAVOrs send in a inquiry